Hello, I'mNick Sarwark

Candidate for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee
Why Stick with Nick?

Stick with Nick

Since 2014, we have worked together to create a more transparent and effective Libertarian National Committee, adopted modern branding, hired a full time person to build up state affiliates, obtained ballot access in Oklahoma for the first time in 16 years, and spread the Libertarian message in the media. I would be honored if you would re-elect me to continue that work trough 2016 and beyond.
As a second-generation Libertarian, I've been active in the Libertarian Party since 1999, my entire adult life. My previous service to the Libertarian Party includes being Chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, member of the national Bylaws Committee and Judicial Commitee. Since July 2014, I have served as Chairman of the Libertarian National Commitee.
After careers in computer science and law, I moved back to my native Arizona to join the family business, the oldest independent car dealership in Phoenix, Sarwark's Consolidated Auto Sales. My wife Valerie and I have three wonderful children, Ruth, Joel, and Ava.

Where we've Been

Since I was elected Chairman, we've had some great successes. A few examples are:

Where We're Going

  • Providing a strong voice for the Libertarian Party on the national stage.
  • Fighting in states like Ohio to roll back restrictive ballot access laws.
  • Assisting more state affiliate parties in developing their organizational capabilities.
  • Developing issue campaigns and other efforts to prospect to people who are not Libertarian yet.
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